Often people wish they could support nonprofits but don’t know how. There are a lot of options available to support Phynyx Ministries. For example:

  • Offer to print our brochures
  • Write an article about Phynyx Ministries in your company’s newsletter with a link to our “Donate” page
  • Sponsor a breakfast where Angela D. Wharton can meet community leaders
  • Ask your employer to match donations
  • Sponsor a fundraiser during April to honor Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  • Provide speaking opportunities for Angela D. Wharton to discuss the impact of sexual violence and how we are addressing this public crisis
  • Have a “Donation” jar in your office to collect extra change to support women survivors of sexual violence
  • Provide free advertising space

These are just a few of the ways you can honor women survivors, help in their recovery from their abuse, and provide needed funds for our Phynyx Ministries programs and initiatives.

If you have any others suggestions or want more information, please contact Angela D. Wharton.

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