Services Provided by Phynyx Ministries, Inc.


Phynyx Ministries, Inc. has been serving survivors of rape/sexual assault and sexual violence for a number of years. We also assist secondary survivors such as family members, spouses, significant others, and sisters or brothers.

All services are confidential except in cases of reportable child abuse and with threats homicide or suicide. Phynyx Ministries’ services are voluntary. Our clients make the decision regarding whether or not to access our services. Our goal is to provide support, options, resources and referrals.


Phynyx Ministries Services:

Women Survivors Support Group: We conduct bi-weekly meetings on Wednesdays at the Empowerment Temple AME Church from 6-8pm for women sexual assault survivors.  We provide a safe space where women survivors of sexual violence can break their silence by sharing their stories in an environment where they will not be judged, blamed or shamed. Survivors are supported and empowered to start their journey toward healing.


Prayer Call: On the alternate Wednesday that we do not meet at the church, we hold a prayer call for survivors from 8pm-9pm.  The call includes current Phynyx Ministries news & events, words of inspiration, open discussion and prayer.

Service line: Our service line is available 8am – 8pm 7 days per week to meet the needs of sexual assault survivors. The number is 443-317-3070.

S.H.I.N.E. Project: Women’s empowerment program where we believe that every survivor must shine. The S.H.I.N.E. Project focuses on the outer survivor by taking the time to address those issues concerning health & fitness, style and beauty, etiquette etc. We also empower survivors to be elevated to the next level and position themselves for greatness—to walk in the vision and purpose that God has for their lives with confidence and power.


Community Outreach: Our Community Educator provides outreach and education for a large variety of groups and different size audiences such as schools, colleges, and universities; churches; professional agencies; and private organizations. Phynyx Ministries tailors each presentation to the needs of the organization and will present on topics such as Phynyx Ministries’ services, sexual assault awareness and prevention as well as women’s empowerment. Presentations are geared toward the age and knowledge-base of the audience.



Resource and Referrals: We have a number of community partners in the Baltimore area to service various needs of the survivor. Once the need is assessed, then we will process the referral to the appropriate provider.

Our mission is to provide a pathway to healing for women sexual assault survivors through love, support advocacy, education and empowerment.

At Phynyx Ministries, we believe that there is life after the silence.  Let us help you break yours.


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